Wildlife Tours Sri Lanka with a wide array of unaffected territories in Sri Lanka is notably one of the most admired destinations for wildlife safaris in the world. Delight yourself with a memorable journey through the beautiful landscape on wildlife tours Sri Lanka, with the Sri Lankan Dream by Paradise Pursuits, assuring safest and diverged wildlife excursions in the region. We provide guided wildlife tours and safari tours in Sri Lanka with the most experienced naturalists, nature fanatics and guides. Apart from South Africa, famous for wildlife tourism in the world, Sri Lanka’s landmass has some of the most unique, richest and most rigorous biodiversity on the planet earth. From elephants to leopards, whales to dolphins and local and migrant birds to the 320-plus endemic species of mammals, reptiles, birds amphibians and fish species – the country is swarming with wildlife. The two monsoon seasons have helped Sri Lanka to open the paradise as a 365 day wildlife destination. When the south is off season, the east or the west or the north central is there for the nature fanatics to explore the wildlife. As one of the most popular and the most desired travel destination since year 2010, the growing popularity of the Sri Lanka as a wildlife destination has helped the tourists to grab more opportunities and explore more with the best facilities.

Sri Lanka is nominated as one of the finest countries in the world for wildlife in many tourism awards.  “The island may be small in size, but the variety of habitats, and the wildlife found there, would do justice to a country many times its size” – Lonely Planet. As the experts in the Travel industry The Sri Lankan Dream will ensure to cover the most significant wildlife experiences in Sri Lanka for all our travelers. Sign up with us for your dream wildlife safari today.