Vehicle Hire

All our tours are arranged with a reliable chauffer and a vehicle. Depending on the group size, a suitable vehicle will be allocated ranging from a car to a coach. Our company does not provide self driven vehicles, however if the need arises, we can arrange another supplier for the same. We can also offer sea plane transfers or air transfers for clients who prefer that method of travel rather than by road (van or car). Travelling by trains to certain locations are also available if preferred.

Chauffeur Service

Our reliable & trustworthy chauffeurs will be with the guests throughout the tour and take them on the scheduled itinerary as well as any other specific interesting places that they come across during the tour.

Visa Service

All tourists should enter the country with a valid visa. Sri Lanka provides an online visa system which is very convenient for all. You may visit to apply for visa or as a part of the package, we at The Sri Lankan Dream can also arrange this for you.

The current visa fee is USD 35.00; subjected to change with government taxes.

Ticket Booking

As a one stop shop we include the ticketing cost as well in our tour packages for the mere convenience for our guests. Due to our healthy relationship with the airlines, we obtain corporate rates for our guests which make our packages very attractive.

Currency Exchange

Once the tour is confirmed & paid for, there is no requirement for money other than your personal expenditure. The exchange rates at the airport are not so recommendable. There are many other places in Colombo where you can get value for money. We will be glad to help you selecting the best place to change money.


We can book accommodation ranging from five star to budget hotels depending on your requirements.

Hotels are included in the packages, however if you require an accommodation service only, we are happy to provide this.