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Sri Lanka, formerly known in many titles such as Ceylon, Lakdiva, Taprobana, has a diverse landscape ranging from golden sandy beaches to virgin rain-forests, plains, central highlands with rising mountains & lush green tea gardens, gushing waterfalls & abundant wildlife sanctuaries.

The country is famed for its rich heritage of over 2600 years which comprises of ancient Buddhist ruins, the sacred Kandy Esala perahera; the annual pageant in the hill capital, the 8 UNESCO Heritage sites including the 5th century citadel Sigiriya with its palace & frescoes & above all the hospitality of our people & the alluring & mouth-watering cuisine.

This Pearl of the Indian Ocean has much to offer its visitors. So join us in holidaying this truly magical place; Sri Lanka.

Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka

The cultural triangle is an area located in the north-central Sri Lanka that has a great historical value. Concentrated with ancient Buddhist temples, monasteries, stupas, sculptures, cities and kingdoms, the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is a must visit area in Sri Lanka to get a peek at the dazzled ancient civilizations of the island. Sri Lanka cultural triangle is dotted with many priceless ancient sites however below we have listed the top 9 places you must visit in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.

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Tour Packages of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Holidays are the best because Sri Lanka’s temperature remains quite stable year around. In realistic terms, the ideal time to holiday in Sri Lanka is from December to March, i.e. if you are planning to visit the western and southern coasts and hill country. The finest weather on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka is from mid April to September. If you are thinking of a dream destination with loads of attractions and activities, Sri Lanka has one of the highest densities for attractions and activities in the world as a tourist destination.

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