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Sri Lanka, formerly known in many titles such as Ceylon, Lakdiva, Taprobana, has a diverse landscape ranging from golden sandy beaches to virgin rain-forests, plains, central highlands with rising mountains & lush green tea gardens, gushing waterfalls & abundant wildlife sanctuaries.

The country is famed for its rich heritage of over 2600 years which comprises of ancient Buddhist ruins, the sacred Kandy Esala perahera; the annual pageant in the hill capital, the 8 UNESCO Heritage sites including the 5th century citadel Sigiriya with its palace & frescoes & above all the hospitality of our people & the alluring & mouth-watering cuisine.

This Pearl of the Indian Ocean has much to offer its visitors. So join us in holidaying this truly magical place; Sri Lanka.

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The Sri Lankan Dream has a remarkable team of professionals whose main objective is to fulfill the clients’ requirements. We customize tour packages of Sri Lanka according to our customers’ desires and ensure that they leave our island with an amazing memory.

Our supreme experience in handling tours is an absolute benefit to our
clients specially to the migrants who left this Island decades ago; to discover their original roots.


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Our uncompromised delivery will always satisfy the guests.

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